Our VIP portable restroom trailers are all self-contained. They are solar so they make and store their own power using the sun. There is an on board generator so they still work at night if the stored power runs low or you can plug them in to direct power when available. The restrooms have their own fresh hot and cold running water and hold their own waste water.  They have Air conditioning and heat so you will be able to maintain your own comfort level no matter the weather. The bathrooms have sinks, soap dispensers and dispense all needed paper products.

The men’s restrooms have toilets as well as upright waterless urinals. We have 2 station restroom trailers all the way up to 7 station restroom trailers and each size in-between.

We have our own pumper so we are able to come out and fully service the restroom on site.  We also offer single station portable restrooms which are good for parking lot outposts and to service security guard stations.

Our pricing varies based on restroom size, the pick-up and deliver location and the number of days in the rental so call for pricing.

Typically a 4 station unit is good per 100 people and is equipped for 350 uses before it needs to be pumped and freshened up.  A full service typically cost $200.00 plus mileage.

Please call us with any questions and or to place your order